Skincare Essentials to Bring when Travelling

As amazing as traveling is, one thing that is always at the forefront of my mind is how is my skin going to be affected is these new environments. It can be a real struggle! I’ve often struggled on deciding what to bring along with me during my travels but I have gone through enough trial and error to figure out the must-haves to come along with me during my travels.

Travel-size containers

Before I get into the actual skincare products, lets first discuss how they’re going to be stored. The last thing you want is to have a ton of full bottles of moisturizer in your suitcase! I’d highly recommend decanting from your full-sized containers into ones more travel-friendly. You can purchase great travel sets on Amazon or if you’re feeling thrifty simply visit your favourite skincare shop and ask for a sample of your favourite products. You then not only have a travel-friendly sized pot but you also have some free product! Some samples are quite generous and could end up lasting you your entire trip!

I’d also recommend bringing some brands you trust as you may not have access to them wherever you may be visiting!


Suncream is an absolute must if you’re traveling, especially to anywhere with a hot climate. Having SPF in your daily skincare routine is a must and I’d recommend going for products containing an SPF between 15-30.

Lip Balm

Dry lips are one of my biggest struggles day to day and when I travel, they can be a total nightmare! Go for a lip balm containing SFP as your lips as they need protection from the sun as much as the rest of you! Buy a pack of them as when you’re traveling things definitely go missing more easily during all the excitement!


I’d highly recommend having some form of exfoliator with you during your travels. On your trip, your skin is going to be exposed to many new scents, temperatures, and elements so having a reliable exfoliator to give your skin a fresh clean during the evenings will be a lifesaver for you.

Face Masks

I swear by face masks both before and after all my flights. Being stuck within a confined space with a whole load of passengers never agrees with my skin, so a face mask is just what I need to feel refreshed after a long journey. They’re so easy and compact to pack too. If you can, go for a moisturizing one as flying can really dry out your skin!

Hope this gives you some ideas for next time you pack!  I’d also recommend using your trip as an opportunity to invest in any amazing skincare you can’t get at home too. Do you research before hand and have a list ready to go! There are so many products I can’t get at all or for a lot more money in the UK so I always use my trips as a shopping opportunity to stock up.

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