How To Pack Your Suitcase in 30 minutes

Sometimes you get those last minute trips out of nowhere and bam! You need a suitcase ready to go ASAP. I’ll be sharing these handy tips to make getting your suitcase packed both a breeze to get done in no time and also to ensure you don’t forget anything important!

Make a packing list

Before you tackle the actual packing, make sure you create a packing list before you start! You can easily just open up your notes app on your phone and get jotting away or hop onto Google or Pinterest and find a template to use. If you pack out of your head, I can almost guarantee you’ll end up forgetting something important. Having the list gives you the chance to check off items as you go so you know everything is present and accounted for.

Utilise your hand luggage for essentials

To be prepared for the worst nightmare scenario of losing your suitcase, make sure that you plan for your key essentials to go into your hand luggage. This could include things such as a toothbrush, deodorant, change of clothes, charging cables, passport, and your bank cards. Also plan out what you’ll be bringing into different sections of your packing, your hand luggage could easily be another small suitcase that you can fill to bring more stuff

Buy storage

To make your packing life easier, I’d recommend investing in items like ziplock bags and reusable containers. You can use these to decant your larger items (Such as suncream or makeup) or to organise different items into sections. This will make sure you’re not bringing huge bottles of products with you and it will be far easier to keep track of everything you bring.

Know your weight limit

Before you start packing, make sure you google the weight limit allowed on your particular flight. This will help you avoid having to remove items if you end up packing too much and will also allow you to leave a certain amount of space if you’re planning on leaving room for doing shopping whilst on your trip.

Get a spacious/lightweight suitcase

Having a decent amount of room in your suitcase will help give you room to fit everything you’re bringing along rather than trying to cram everything into a tiny suitcase or bag. I’d also recommend investing in a lightweight suitcase that won’t take up valuable weight allowance during your trip. Carrying and transporting it around will be far easier too if it’s more lightweight.

Fill dead space

Make sure you ultise your packing space by filling up dead space your suitcase. Good examples of doing this is packing small items like chargers or underwear and socks inside your shoes or jacket pockets. Also rolling or folding your items will save you a lot of space.

Wear items you want to bring

If you’re looking to save space when packing, you could always wear a few items that you’re planning on bringing such as a few pieces jewellery or multiple shirts. This will save a lot of space when you’re packing. Just make sure you’re not too hot during your flight!

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