Backpack vs Suitcase

When going off on your next adventure, one of the first (or last thoughts in a lot of people’s cases!) is packing. But for this post, I won’t be talking about what you should be packing but rather, what you should be using to pack. When is best to take a backpack and when is best to take a suitcase?

How about both?

First of all, the obvious option for a lot of us is to take both along with you on your trip! You can take your backpack as hand luggage and your suitcase as your main luggage which you will be seeing again once you arrive. Bringing both will give you a good divider of space between things you might be using frequently throughout the day (backpack) and storage for larger items such as electronics, clothing or any souvenirs you wish to take home.

I’d recommend doing this combination if you’re planning on a standard holiday where you’ll be staying in the same location for the duration of your trip so you won’t have to be packing and unpacking all your bags every few days. Also if you’re planning on doing a lot of shopping during your trip, having both a suitcase AND a well-sized backpack allow you to bring as much stuff back as possible with you.


Being a backpacker is a dream for a lot of us so if you’re planning on a long visit to one or several countries where you’re constantly on the move, leave that suitcase at home! Suitcases are super annoying to lag around public transport and the beauty of backpacking for a lot of people is the freedom to come and go as you please. There are many backpacks you can buy that will have room to fit everything you need to survive for a few weeks (as long as you’re not someone who needs 20 different outfits on demand!)

Be sure that if you’re only taking a backpack on your trip that it is comfortable and designed to last! This backpack will be your livelihood during your trip so be wise and invest in something quality that will hold up during everything your visit throws at it.


Suitcases are much more favorable if you’re needing space for a lot of items on your trip, However, I’d also recommend a smart carry-on suitcase if you’re going away on business. It gives a much more professional image when you’re traveling and will compliment your outfit perfectly if you’re in your businesswear.

Larger suitcases will be a must if you’re traveling with children and need space to bring everything they need (Nappies, clothes, toys, bottles etc) You could always do the combo as well if you have children and have a handy nappy bag on the go. It will make your journey on the plane and public transport much easier! I’d also always recommend going for four-wheel suitcases rather than two wheels. They are FAR easier to move around during your trip and you’ll be very grateful you made that decision!

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